MCC Deal - Club Update from Jeff Browne

Below is a copy of the Club Update sent to Members on August 9 2023 by President Jeff Browne.

Dear Magpie Army,

The Collingwood Football Club, together with the MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club) and other tenant clubs, have finalised a new five-year arrangement for the Ponsford Stand.

The Club has worked tirelessly to ensure the new agreement would achieve the best possible result for the Club’s incredibly loyal Members and, as a result, we are pleased to advise we have been able to retain the same number of seats in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 4 of the Ponsford Stand for all nine home games at the MCG each season.

The Club has also retained access to the same total number of seats across the Ponsford Stand for all away games at the MCG with an increase in access to Level 1 and Level 4 seats and a corresponding reduction in access to Level 2 seats for away games, depending on the opposing home team.

We want to be transparent with all Members – the reality of going through this process was that there would be change and we want to assure you we left no stone unturned to limit the changes for our Club and its Members.

While every effort has been made to ensure our agreement with the MCC remains the best in the AFL competition, we understand there will be some Members who feel disappointed with the deal we have reached.

Our Members have been in the MCG’s Ponsford Stand since our move from Victoria Park in 1999 and more broadly, have been integral to the success of the stadium in the decades since.

No other Club provides the atmosphere like Collingwood fans do and it is no coincidence that when the Magpie Army’s chants are echoing throughout the ‘G’, we play our best footy.

When we win, our players love giving back to the Ponsford Stand and that won’t change. We are pleased that through these negotiations, we have been able to retain the same changerooms and race, ensuring we get to run out with our fans for every match played at the MCG – home or away – and celebrate with everyone when the final siren sounds.

A summary of the updated MCC Agreement:

Collingwood plays 14 home-and-away games at the MCG each season, nine of them are home games and five are away games.

Home games at the MCG

  • Collingwood’s Member access to the Ponsford Stand remains the same for all nine home games at the MCG with the Club retaining the same number of seats, in the same location for each of those games.

Away games at the MCG

  • Collingwood retains the same number of seats across the Ponsford Stand, however, there will be a varied impact to Level 2 access depending on who the opposing home team is. Further details listed below:

Away games at the MCG against Hawthorn and Richmond:

  • Collingwood will have access to all seats on Levels 1 and 4 in the Ponsford Stand.
  • Level 2 seats in the Ponsford Stand will not be available.
  • Members with access to a Ponsford Stand Away Game Reserved Seat will need to participate in a seat registration process in the period leading up to the game. Members with Level 2 reserved seats for other MCG away games will be given priority access.
  • Please note: The Club will officially request and lobby the AFL to avoid fixturing an away game against both Richmond and Hawthorn in the same season moving forward.

Away games at the MCG against Carlton, Essendon or Melbourne:

  • Collingwood will have access to all seats on Levels 1 and 4 in the Ponsford Stand.
  • Collingwood will have a set allocation of Level 2 seats in the Ponsford Stand.
  • Members will be allocated a set Reserved Seat for Away games against these opponents which features marquee games each season (i.e. Peter Mac Cup, ANZAC Day and King’s Birthday Big Freeze games).

Away games at the MCG against any other AFL team not listed above:

  • All seating on Levels 1, 2 and 4 will be available to Collingwood Members in the Ponsford Stand.*

    *The specific match access process for MCG away games against non-tenant clubs was communicated to impacted Members prior to our Season 2024 match against a non-tenant Club, i.e. Round 2 vs. St KIlda. For future reference, Members will remain in their newly-allocated MCG away seat for games against non-tenant Clubs to avoid the need for a Ticketek redemption process.

Level 2 Hospitality for impacted Away games at the MCG:

  • Access to the Harrison Room (Legends Lounge on Level 2) will not be available to Collingwood Members for away games at the MCG against Carlton, Essendon, Hawthorn, Melbourne or Richmond. A new premium Membership will be introduced in 2024, featuring access to an exciting and new Victoria Park Social Club to be launched at the MCG ahead of the 2024 Premiership season.

As a result of these adjustments, Collingwood will introduce new tiered Membership packages for the Ponsford Stand. All impacted Members will receive a direct phone call from the Club’s Membership team to discuss all options to best personalise their access for 2024.

The tiered memberships will see more consistent pricing which will be based on the location and view from the seat which is standard practice across stadiums in the AFL and across the events and sporting industry worldwide.

Collingwood remains committed to delivering the best at-match experience for our Members and increase the access and connection to our Club throughout the year.

We don’t ever take for granted the support of the Magpie Army and Collingwood thanks every single Member and supporter for their unwavering commitment to our Club.

For Members who currently hold an MCG Away Seat, Collingwood’s Membership team will call you directly.

The Club will also directly communicate with the 90,000 Collingwood Members who will not be impacted.

Jeff Browne - Club President

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