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Updated Core Pack - membership card, lanyard, bumper sticker, YOS pin & patch + a membership scarf delivered at a later date^

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A membership beanie for members on the automatic renewal plan (delivered with scarf)

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10% Club Merchandise Discount

^As we push towards 100,000 members, we’ve had to make some adjustments to our 2022 membership pack to accommodate the rapid growth of our membership base.

Our updated 2022 standard membership pack will now come in two parts:

  1. Members will be sent their membership card, lanyard, bumper sticker, and years-of-service pin & patch within 10-15 business days of purchase.
  2. Members will receive a 2022 membership scarf and a fresh new member beanie (if on the auto-renewal plan) at approximately the midpoint of the season - perfect for winter footy!

Due to the unexpectedly large number of new sign-ups, we have depleted our stock sooner than expected. By splitting the pack, we can ensure that you’re sent most of your items as soon as you sign up rather than holding everything up while waiting for the incoming stock to arrive.

As a reminder, there’s nothing in your membership pack used for match access. Entry to matches is facilitated through a Mobile Membership.


Unsure how to purchase multiple memberships in one transaction? Click here for a step-by-step guide!

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