Automatic Rollover

Never lift a finger again when it comes to membership, jump on to the automatic rollover and have your membership automatically renew for the new season.

On the automatic rollover you have the option to pay your membership at the time of purchase, or split the total payment over a number of months.

If you choose to pay by installments, here’s how the payment schedule will work. It’s important to note the number of payments applies if you purchase before the 18th of the relevant month.

Automatic Rollover – Monthly Payment Schedule

Buy or renew your membership before

Number of Installments

You Pay

18 Sep 2019

Eleven (11)

11 equal monthly payments

18 Oct 2019*

Ten (10)

10 equal monthly payments

18 Nov 2019

Nine (9)

9 equal monthly payments

18 Dec 2019

Eight (8)

8 equal monthly payments

18 Jan 2020

Seven (7)

7 equal monthly payments

18 Feb 2020

Seven (7)

1 catch up payment at time of purchase, 6 equal monthly payments

18 Mar 2020

Seven (7)

2 catch up payments at time of purchase, 5 equal monthly payments

18 Apr 2020

Seven (7)

3 catch up payments at time of purchase, 4 equal monthly payments

18 May 2020

Seven (7)

4 catch up payments at time of purchase, 3 equal monthly payments

18 Jun 2020

Seven (7)

5 catch up payments at time of purchase, 2 equal monthly payments

18 Jul 2020

Upfront payment only

Upfront payment only

All renewing members who remain on, or join the automatic rollover for 2020 will receive their membership pack prior to Christmas and access to redeem a member cap.

* Renewing members who have selected to delay their payment on their renewal form will fall into this payment schedule, paying ten (10) equal monthly payments from 18 October 2019, with the final payment withdrawn on 18 July 2020.

All members with memberships on the automatic rollover will have the opportunity to opt out at the end of each season.

For full terms and conditions on the automatic rollover, click here.