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What is an Integrated Seating Map?

An Integrated Seating Map (ISM) is an online tool allowing members to log on and select their reserved seat.

Do I need to be a 2017 member to access the ISM?

No, anyone will be able to access the ISM after 16 December to view reserved seats available for Collingwood games during the 2017 AFL Premiership Season.

Where can I access the ISM?

You can access the ISM by logging into your My Magpies Account with your membership account number and password. To log into your My Magpies Account click here. If you can’t remember your password, contact Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours or email

When can I access the ISM?

During the roll out of the ISM, certain members will have access to priority windows, which are listed below. Following these windows, the ISM will be open, allowing members and the general public access to see what seats are available at any given time.

  • Club 5 members - 1 December, 9am
  • Legends members, 2 December, 9am
  • Reserved Seat members, 7 December, 9am
  • All other members, 13 December, 9am
  • General public, 16 December, 9am

I would like to sit with a friend, can I allocate both our seats?

To allocate both seats you will need to either hold both memberships under the one member name or you can both log in to your individual My Magpies Account at a similar time to allocate the seats. Alternatively, you can contact Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours or email and a Membership Officer will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

The seat I want is greyed out, what does this mean?

If a seat is greyed out it means it is unavailable. Available seats will be coloured green.

What do I do if the specific seat on Level 2 I want is not available?

If you would like a specific seat on Level 2 that is currently unavailable, you can join the wait list for a once-off non-refundable fee of $25.

Can I access the ISM after my priority window?

The ISM will be open to all members and the general public after all priority periods have closed. It will remain open until the end of the 2017 Home & Away Season.

How long will the ISM be available for?

The ISM will be open up until Round 23 of the 2017 season.

If I have changed my seat mid-season, will I receive an updated membership card?

Yes, you will receive a new card within two weeks of changing your seat. If you change your seat during the Home and Away Season, your card will be available for pick up at the next match-day.

I am having browsing issues, why?

The ISM is most compatible with Google Chrome browsers. If you are still having trouble after trying to access it from Chrome, please contact Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours or email

Can I change my home and away seats at the same time?

No, you will need to follow the step-by-step instructions for one seat and complete that change then go back to the start and repeat the process for any additional seats. To access the step-by-step instructions please click here.

Does it cost anything to change my seat?

No, if you are changing to a seat that is eligible within your membership category you will not have to pay anything.

Can I change back to my old seat if i am not happy with my new seat?

Only if it hasn't been selected by another member. By selecting a new seat this means that you are agreeing to release your current one. If you wish to move back please call 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours to see if the seat is available. Alternatively, you can log back into the ISM.

When will 2017 memberships go on sale?

2017 Collingwood Football Club membership packages are on sale now!

I am on a payment plan, what day will my membership roll over for 2017?

Your membership will automatically roll over on Friday 21 October. Please ensure your details are up to date before this time. If you need to update your details please contact Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) or

How can I change my reserved seat for 2017

There will be a new reserved seating process for 2017. Information regarding this will be included in renewal notices being sent out at the beginning of October.

I would like to change my membership category for 2017

Once your renewal notice is received, you can contact Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) or to update your membership package.

I have an outstanding amount from my 2016 membership, what should I do?

You will not be able to purchase a 2017 membership until this balance is cleared. To clear the remaining balance please contact Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) or

I am on a payment plan and would like to opt out, how do I do this?

Once the renewal notice is received at the start of October, you will be able to respond accordingly to opt out of the automatic roll over.

When is the reserved seat cut off date?

The reserved seat cut off date for 2017 is Friday 18 November

How do I transfer my seat to another member?

If you would like to transfer your current reserved seat to another reserved seat member you will be required to complete transfer of seat form and return to Membership services on

Alternatively, you can post the form to Collingwood Membership Department, PO Box 165, Abbotsford VIC 3067

I am interested in becoming a Collingwood Magpies Netball member

Please visit and register your interest to be one of the first to secure a foundation membership to Collingwood Magpies Netball Team. You will also receive exclusive access to events, merchandise offers and team annoucements.

Am I eligible for a companion card membership?

Anyone holding a Government issued Companion Card is entitled to one complimentary membership for their carer.

Once you have purchased your membership, you are required to send through proof of your Companion Card and we will then issue you with a complimentary membership in the same membership category as the one you have purchased to allow your carer access to the games when caring for you.

Transfer of Seat Form

Use the Transfer of Seat form when you want to transfer seats from one member to another. Click here to download - 2017 - Transfer of seat form

How do I update my details?

Please call 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours or email to update your details.

Alternatively, you can update your details by logging into your My Magpies account.

Your privacy is important to us

All personal information we collect about you will be used and disclosed by the Club and on behalf of selected third parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy which you agree to when you provide your personal information. This may include for promotional and direct marketing purposes and other uses and disclosures as specified in our Privacy Policy which is available at or at the front desk of the Holden Centre or by calling 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours. Your personal information is kept securely and confidentially. Although you may choose to only provide us with certain information, please be aware that this choice will affect the type and quality of service we provide to you and it may also result in delays. Our Privacy Policy explains how to request access to or correction of the personal information the Club holds about you and how to make a privacy complaint.

What are the Legends Bays?

The Legends Bays are reserved bays at the MCG for Legends members who have been allocated to a bay and not a specific seat. This allows them the flexibility to select their seat when they arrive at the game and also to buy guest passes whereby their guests can sit with them.

Can the Club guarantee that I will get a seat?

The Club has extended the offer to a limited number of Legends members and ensured that there are enough seats available for all members plus additional guests. The Club will have staff on hand at matches to assist members in this area.

Where are the Legends Bays located?

The Legends Bays are located in the Southern Stand in Bays N12 and N13 on Level 2 and P9 and P10 on Level 2a. The Legends Bays are located close to the Legends Lounge in the Ryder Room on Level 2 which allow these Legends members access to a room where they can enjoy a cash bar and refreshments before, during and after the game.

Is this area undercover?

N12 and N13 will be undercover; these bays are located on Level 2 of the Southern Stand.

P9 - P10 is not undercover; these bays are located on Level 2a of the Southern Stand.

Are there any TVs on these levels?

Bays N12 and N13 have TVs located within them.

How does the seating work for ANZAC Day?

A reserved seat will be allocated on ANZAC Day – communication will be sent to all members in the Legends Bays as to how to obtain this reserved seat in the lead up to the match.

There will be no guest passes available for ANZAC Day and the Legends Lounge will also be unavailable for ANZAC Day.

What if I don’t like the Level 2 bays?

The Club can move members back to reserved seating similar to where their original seats were (subject to availability). Our Member Services staff will work with any requests of this nature.

Can access to the Legends Bay be extended to family and friends who hold a Legends membership that are in similar seating?

Yes, please contact our Member Services team on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours and we will be able to assist in changing their membership from a reserved seat to access to the Legends Bays.

How do I buy a guest pass?

Legends members can buy guest passes by contacting Membership Services on 1300 MAGPIE (1300 62 47 43) during business hours or alternatively you can purchase guest passes on a match-day from Membership Services located at Gate 1.

How much is a guest pass?

Guest passes are $80 per pass.

How many guest passes can I buy?

There will be a limit of two guest passes available per member per game. Guest passes will be subject to availability for matches and are not available for ANZAC Day.

Do guests have to be with members when entering the gate?

No, guests will receive ground entry with the guest pass purchase.